Born in 1987 in Kyiv and graduated from Kyiv National Linguistics University, I always tended to be part of the world of creativity. I dedicated 15 years of my life to the dancing of different styles, from Ukrainian folk dances, dancing aerobics to R&B, Contemporary and Argentinian tango. I also attended an Art School in my teenage years.

I liked to take photos all my life. In my school years, I used an Olympus film camera and still keep dozens of photo albums from my teenage years. My friends have always told me that I see a picture like no one else, I make the surroundings beautiful like in a fairy tale, even the greyest city.

For most of my life, I used my mobile phone to take pictures and keep my favorite ones on my Instagram.

In 2021 I decided to make it serious and learned to shoot professionally, focusing mainly on portraiture.

So, I welcome you to join my World of Images!
Professional Courses I took:

Course ❝Theory of Colors. Course II❞ by Dmitriy Bogachuk, 2022

Novosibirsk State University, Photography Basics, 2022

Individual Photo Course from Sergey Sarakhanov, 2021

Individual Master Class ❝Studio Light❞ by Gennadiy Glavitskiy, 2021

Master Class ❝Studio Portrait❞ by Sergey Sarakhanov, 2021

Kyiv Photo School, Basic Course of Photography, 2021
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